Parish Priest - Father Anton Column

Father Anton Parish Priest

Dear Parishioners,

This week I would like start by saying a big “thank you” to all who have contributed towards the new Thurible.  Because of people’s generosity, and with the donors’ approval, we are also going to upgrade our wine and water vessels, which at the moment are made of glass and easily break, with special metal ones.  We are also going to have a new Ciborium, the lidded cup in which the Body of Christ is kept in the Tabernacle.  So far £1080 has been donated or promised.  The total bill will be £1332.  I had not immediately realized that the special water and wine cruets were separately priced!  If anyone would like to complete the donations in memory of a loved one please feel free to do so!

The Llandudno trip was very successful especially as it turned out to be a lovely day, a little breezy but not a spot of rain which was unusual for the week.  Thank you to our secretary for organising the coach, payments etc.  The seagulls did not seem to be causing quite as much havoc this year and the fish and chips were as good as usual.  I believe it was rather windy on top of the Great Orme!  It was also good to see some of our inter-church friends from St James.  Last week they said “Goodbye” to their present minister Nita Edwards.  We wish her well in her retirement!

Please keep in your prayers Julia O’Leary who is very ill in hospital at this moment in time.  We also remember Joel Egan a little one who came early into this world and who is happily making good progress. 

Once more we call to mind Bill Anyon, a long-time member of the parish, whose funeral Mass took place on Friday.  Please also keep family and friends in your prayers.  May he rest in peace!  Bill read at the 8.15 a.m. Mass until very recently and served regularly at the Friday Parish Mass.

God bless and keep you all safe in his care!

Father Anton s.c.j.